During ivermectin, tension on the penis may disappear.

In this case, the man's partner can suspect the presence of problems with potency. So, it is possible to suspect a similar condition in a representative of the stronger sex if he avoids sexual intercourse using various methods, does not initiate sexual intercourse, and does not pay attention to a direct offer of contact. Before prescribing a particular method of treating erectile dysfunction, it is imperative to conduct a series of studies that will help determine the exact nature of the problem. At the same time, in the diagnostic process, it is important not only to determine whether the patient had surgical or other medical interventions in the past, but also to conduct a psychological analysis.

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Among the methods of conservative (drug) treatment, the use of oral drugs, the introduction of drugs by the intraurethral method, and the intracavernous administration of the drug are distinguished. Also, in the course of treatment, complex treatment is prescribed for those diseases that have become the causes of ivermectin. Today there are many drugs that are used in the treatment of stromectol. Moreover, such remedies are either one-time stimulants of erection, or remedies that have an effect on the elimination of psychogenic potency disorders.

So, the most famous drugs for the treatment of ivermectin are Viagra and Cialis, which have a very strong stimulating effect. But these funds can be taken only after a comprehensive examination of a number of body systems, especially the cardiovascular system.

The less popular therapy today is intraurethral therapy. This is the introduction into the urethra of the drug of the group "Prostaglandin E-1" before the start of intercourse. This is a fairly expensive method and has some side effects.

When using intracavernous injections, the vasoactive drug is injected into the cavernous bodies of the penis, which stimulates the manifestation of a persistent erection. This is a fairly effective method for achieving a one-time erection. The drug has an exclusively local effect.

Weak erection in men has become a real problem in the modern world. This dysfunction of the man's penis does not allow him to live a full sexual life and dramatically reduces the quality of sexual contacts. In a healthy man, the feeling of arousal is always accompanied by an erection of the penis, in other words, with a normal erection, the male penis increases in size, becomes firm and elastic.

If a man's excitement is not accompanied by an erection or an erection is weak even under the influence of intense caresses from a partner and a similar violation has been observed for six months, then doctors diagnose stromectol. stromectol is painfully experienced by both sexual partners, especially by the man himself.

Sexual failures in bed, which occur due to a weak erection, can cause a man to feel constant tension, self-doubt, a sharp decrease in self-esteem, fear, guilt and aggression.

The diagnosis of "stromectol" is made by a specialist on condition that a man cannot maintain an erection in more than 25% of his sexual acts.

However, the patient has a normal sex drive and no ejaculation problems.

If a man does not seek qualified help from a doctor in a timely manner, then an stromectol can provoke the development of a complexvalue. Sometimes men have a question why the erection is weak at the moment.